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Research Centre for Consumer Law

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International contacts

The Research Centre for Consumer Law and its members have built an international network including numerous researchers and academic institutions. We are pleased to welcome visitors and guest researchers from all over the world and are proud to have guests with longer research stays on a regular basis. A list of our guests is provided here. Those guests receive the status of Visiting Fellow oder Visiting Scholar.

Furthermore, the chairs merged in the research centre supervise doctoral candidates from at least twelve different states. The mayority of the current theses refer to more than one legal system and compare these. In addition, Prof. Schmidt-Kessel is secretary general of the German Association for Comparison of Laws.

Some connections between the Research Centre and foreign institutioins are regularly confirmed by partnership contracts between the University of Bayreuth and the foreign university:

  • There is a long-standing exchange of scientific knowledge with the Dipartimento dei Studi Guiridici of the Università degli Studi di Verona. It contains research visits, as well as common research projects and seminars. Doctoral candidates have the opportunity to participate in a double doctoral degree under the name „Recht und Rechtsdurchsetzung in Europa“ (law and law enforcement in Europe).

  • A partnership on a contractual base is also aspired with the Centre for Comparison of Laws of the Charles University of Prague. There is an ongoing exchange, too, for example at a conference held in Prague.
  • Between the Adam Mickiewicz University of Posen and the Faculty for Law, Business and Economics exists a long-running partnershio. The Research Centre for Consumer Law responsibly contributed to the first common doctoral seminar of both faculties and proseeds this exchange.
  • Another parthership agreement exists between the Toyo University in Tokyo and the University of Bayreuth. In its context a intensive exchange between Research Centre and the chair of Prof. Dr. Norikazu Ashino was established. The focus hereby lies on general questions of consumer law and particular questions Gegenstand dieses Austauschs sind sowohl allgemeine Fragen des Verbraucherrechts als auch besondere Fragen des Dienstleistungsrechts.

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